Training Room

BLS Management Courses

Our mission is to improve skills for life - it is about using the art of teaching to train people and get the best out of them; giving them the skills to perform better in the work place. This is achieved through involving course materials, skilful questioning and interactive role-play.

Please see our management courses below that address each area of business improvement. Each course will cover a number of key areas and provide practical advice and guidance as to how to handle each business need.

Some of our courses cover the areas of:

Communicating Clearly

Learn how to convey your message confidently by improving your skills in every form of communication.

Managing Time

Create space in your day by identifying time-wasting traps and planning your time realistically and effectively.

Making Decisions

Improve your managerial technique by discovering how to make productive, informed decisions.

Delegating Successfully

Free your time, establish trust, and develop staff relationships by learning delegating techniques.

Motivating People

Bring out the best in people by encouraging individual initiatives and rewarding achievement.

Managing Teams

Maximize team standards by building up an outstanding team, releasing creativity, and achieving targets.

Managing Meetings

Make meetings work for you by planning carefully, understanding procedure, and concluding successfully.

Presenting Successfully

Improve your presentation skills by learning how to prepare fully, speak with confidence and handle an audience.

Negotiating Successfully

Learn effective negotiation by discovering how to start strongly, establish common ground, and close a deal.

Interviewing People

Find the best person for the job by learning to control an interview, read body language, and analyze information.

Managing Change

Discover how to adapt to new situations by anticipating and planning for change, and understanding its effects.

Minimising Stress

Improve stressful ways of working by learning how to prioritize, delegate, and reorganize your work.

Getting Organised

Achieve objectives and meet deadlines through effective prioritizing and rapid decision-making.

Writing Effectively

Get your message across clearly and succinctly by choosing the right approach in e-mails, letters and reports.

Thinking Creatively

Improve your performance through creative thinking, and encourage and facilitate creativity in others.

Influencing People

Learn how to influence colleagues by managing yourself and working towards mutual goals.

Developing NLP Skills

Excel in your working relationships by mastering the techniques in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Dealing with Difficult People

Create positive outcomes by understanding problem relationships and analyzing your options for action.

Appraising Staff

Enhance staff performance by learning to prepare, manage and follow up appraisal interviews.

Managing Public Relations

Generate and manage publicity for your company, from writing press releases to organizing PR events.

Putting Customers First

Win loyal customers and guarantee your competitive advantage by building relationships and meeting client's needs.

Managing Globally

Learn how to build and manage international relationships and overcome cultural and linguistic barriers.

Balancing Work and Life

Achieve a more rewarding and successful lifestyle by skillfully managing the demands of work and home.

Managing Your Career

Manage your path to success by identifying career goals, gaining recognition and building the right image and reputation.