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Managing Time

At home and at work, everyone can benefit from finding new ways to use time as efficiently as possible. Setting aside the time to analyse how you work can be an invaluable time-saver in itself, helping you to make your day more productive and less stressful. This course takes you stage by stage through a quick and easy programme designed to improve your use of time. It shows how to isolate aspects of your time management that are in need of improvement, and how to set long- and short- term goals to prioritise your workload. It looks at how to save time in meetings and on business trips, and how to avoid interruptions at work.

The course also contains concise tips covering vital time-saving tools such as diaries and planners, filing systems, and information technology. Finally, practical guidance is given on how to interact with subordinates, colleagues, and seniors to get the most out of your working life. This course covers the following areas:

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